Here are 3 times to every game, along with the points from all 3 rounds are added up so you can send that 1 volume score.

For each 1m you shoot at the peanut to - 1 point

For every obstacle you effectively leap across - 5 points

For each and every Top Back or Flip Flip - 5 points

For Double Back or each Double-Front Flip Flip - 10 points

Therefore for instance, bound across 10 challenges, the 180m is shot by you, and in the 10 challenges you do 4 Front-Flips 2 Double-Back Flips and 4 Straight Hops.

That will work out to be: (180×1) (10×5) (2×10)

And considering you do exactly the same (you will probably do better) in the subsequent 2 rounds, that’s 270×3, that is 8 10.

810 factors is more compared to required 596 for 1000 NPs!

How To Play:

Alright so here’s where it gets interesting. Like they say, spam and mash your Left and Right Arrow keys madly to charge-up the elephant that is cunning green. Make sure the hippo face is red before you hit the Up Arrow key to launch the peanut and his eyes are flickering from left to right.

Note: This, might be the most crucial section of the game. How far (or close) you start the peanut will ascertain how many points you ultimately get.

The many points are provided when you are doing a Double-Back or a Double Front Flip Flip, so decide one which you will stick by. For this particular illustration, Double Back Switch will be chosen by me.

The Puppyblew may start running, simply as the peanut is launched.

Once he starts operating, push this immediately. It’ll do-nothing, however. But as soon as you come towards an obstacle.. Hit the Up Arrow once, and there you proceed. You will note that your points are offered now after you land. As you land, struck this.

That is therefore that if you come to an obstacle you just hit on the Up Arrow key once. If you have a tiny hiccup with your keys just before an impediment, it saves time, effort you. Now as for capturing the peanut, you need to at all times look above you at the crow as well as the red arrow. As much as you can, strive to always be right within the the opening between the red arrow as well as the crow.

This is in addition to being the peanut falls, as the crow comes lower, you will be right beneath it. And the best part is, where the peanut is there is no need to be exactly. Just anyplace from your crow’s tail to the peanut, and you got the points.

Query! What if I fall over an obstacle or perhaps fumble with my keys? The only thing when you fall, you lose, no worries is distance between you and the peanut. Factors are not lost, and hey, you get a band aid that was cute little too.: P

Elephant Alert! Now there’s this really annoying elephant around here someplace.

No it’s not that cunning one with wings who launches your peanut, it is that idle azure one lying round the area.

There. That is the one. Today why is he annoying? Because he’s not extremely thin and bouncy, and Puppyblew’s really light. In case you bump in to him, you will not drop...

Click here to learn more about Neopets Guide. But you’ll bounce so far forward, you will need to slow down tremendously to let you are caught up with by the peanut.

Check out our website to learn more about Neopets Guide. And while traveling so far ahead, you might even miss obstacles that are valuable to gain points from. Worst portion is? From bouncing off this man you don’t get the 5 Obstacle Cleaning factors. What exactly do I propose? Jump on the elephant that is darn like he is a sign. You still get the factors.

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